A Certified Outsourced Sales & Marketing Company


Christopher DeBolt East Coast of Florida from Port St. Lucie South to Miami; Georgia, Alabama, Puerto Rico; Caribbean
Paul Schmitt East Coast of Florida from Vero Beach South to Key West
Steve Towery East Coast of Florida from Melbourne North to Jacksonville; Orlando, FL
Jeff Stewart

West Coast of Florida from Tampa South including Bradenton, Sarasota, Ft. Myers and Naples

West Coast of Florida from Tampa North including Lakeland, Ocala, Gainesville and Lake City

Pete Wood Florida Panhandle to Tallahassee. Southern Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana.
Tim Bokovoy End-User Specialist with focus on equipment assisting all of our Sales Personnel but with a strong focus in South Florida
Jerry DeBolt All areas covered with responsibilities of key account sales management
Jack Robertson Tennessee
Miles Magallanes Tennessee


  •  Christopher DeBolt / Paul Schmitt
  •  Christopher DeBolt (Carribean)
  •  Steve Towery / Mike Mattingly
  •  Jeff Stewart
  •  Jeff Stewart
  •  Pete Wood
  •  Christopher DeBolt
  •  Jack Robertson & Miles Magallanes